Georgia National Fairgrounds and Agricenter,    Perry, GA -

                                                                  The Georgia National Fair is held in the fall at the Georgia National Fair- grounds and Agricenter.  "This multipurpose, state-owned complex is designed for meetings, trade shows, livestock events, horse shows, fairs, RV rallies, concerts, sporting events . . . a center for diverse activities in Central Georgia.  The 1,100+ acre site is beautifully landscaped with fountains, lakes and gardens."    For 11 days in October, the award-winning Georgia National Fair features livestock and horse shows, youth exhibits, home and fine arts competitions, family entertainment, midway rides and games, fair food, and major concerts.  

The Fair starts the fifth Friday after Labor Day and along with a rabbit show on the first Saturday, the Fair presents a rabbit exhibit.  This exhibit is manned by members of the Georgia State R&CA.  Each year, our members work to make this exhibit at the Fair a memorable experience for Fairgoers.  Each year an estimated 250,000 people visit the rabbit exhibit.  This is a popular area for families and school to visit.  At the 2001 exhibit, we had 68 rabbits and cavies on the exhibit, with 36 breeds represented.  Nineteen volunteers worked the 10 days of the Fair, caring for the animals, talking to and teaching the Fairgoers about rabbits.